Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cameron: A Truth by Accident.

It’s the party political conference season in Britain. It’s always been known as the Silly Season, and so it is. Puffed up politicians strut and posture, while The Faithful in the audience put their search for a brain cell on hold for a week and instead make grimacing faces and squeaky noises with their mouths and loud clapping sounds with their hands. How much sillier can you get? And it really is painful to behold. It is.

Anyway, the Tories are having their little bash at the moment, and today David – ‘Oh I say, is this one of those ghettos we created?’ – Cameron had an embarrassing moment. The Tories, you see, are currently running scared of  the clowns on the loony right – the United Kingdom Independence Party – who are not only stealing their MPs, but also threatening to split the centre-right vote at the next election. (Yes, there really are people in Britain planning to vote UKIP. I know, I know…)

So, today the emphasis was on poor children growing up in underprivileged conditions. (The idea being to get the traditional Labour voters to change their spots.) The autocue from which Cameron was reading his speech had a line which read ‘We represent these people.’ Only Cameron didn’t say that, he said ‘We resent these people.’ He got it wrong… or did he?

Of course, politicians used to have trigger notes but spoke mostly from the heart or the head. Today’s politicians read from autocues, like TV presenters. The show must go on, and the brain dead audience think they have to watch the speakers’ mouths instead of just breaking ranks and reading from the autocue themselves.


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