Sunday, 5 November 2017

Late Bitching.

There’s a Deva Premal track on YouTube with a cover picture which shows her and that bloke of hers, Miten (I ask you, who the hell would go through life being called Miten and expect to be taken seriously? It rhymes with kitten, for heaven’s sake) looking so squidgily happy and earnest as to induce the need to vomit.

Do you know how much I hate people looking happy and earnest at the same time? On a good day I can cope with happy, and I can just about avoid frothing at the mouth when I see earnest most of the time. But both at once? How many sick bags does this aircraft have?

And do you know what three of my four most hated words are? We, Us, and Communal. (The fourth I can’t even bring myself to type.) ‘You two’ is another one, but that’s a phrase.

I wonder whether there's a name for this condition and whether there's a pill for it.

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