Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Value of Instructions.

My old office chair was getting beyond its prime. It was fourteen years old and had been sat on a lot more than any other chair I’ve ever had. It was still sturdy enough, but it wasn’t very comfortable owing to the fact that the padding on the seat was almost non-existent and the protuberances on the metal base beneath all too evident. Accordingly I bought a new one last week, and today I put it together.

It was a simple enough job – just a few components and eight bolts to hold them all together – but I read the instructions anyway since it sometimes helps to know the best order to follow. The final instruction (step 5) was the most valuable of all. It said:

Carefully place the unit in the desired location.

What a boon that was. Without it I wouldn’t have known what to do with the chair, would I? So that’s what I did; I placed it carefully under my desk and luxuriated in the sense of achievement.

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