Thursday, 29 September 2016

Be Careful what You Google.

Consequent upon sending an email to somebody in Sydney, New South Wales (don’t worry about the connection,) I had a thought.

I’ve heard it said that spirit entities find electric and electronic pathways a convenient way of getting around in the material world. So let’s suppose you searched ‘Jin’ on Google. Would they be alerted to your interest in them, and would you then be running the risk of having your computer – and ultimately your life – invaded by fiery spirits with fierce Arabic eyes?

If I’d thought of that five or six years ago when the fiction bug was still alive and insistent, I might have written a story based on the concept (and been accused yet again of writing ‘a skippable Lovecraft knock-off.’) To do so I would have had to do some research on the good old fire-breathing elementals, so maybe I should be grateful that I didn’t.

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