Thursday, 26 January 2017

Wishing for Good Riddance.

Preparatory to her visit with Donald Trump tomorrow, Theresa May says that ‘… together, the UK and US can lead the world again.’ This is typical politician speak – childish, disingenuous, populist waffle. It’s the tabloid mentality at work in the corridors of power.

She also says that she intends to ‘renew the special relationship’ between the two countries. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that in principle, but principles are in short supply at the moment. Just at the point where the rest of the world should be distancing itself from Trump and everything he stands for (like ‘waterboarding is a damn fine thing’), Mrs May is threatening to bring him closer. So what’s going on with our Prime Minister? Is she just appealing to the lowest common denominator as politicians are wont to do, or do we have another poodle in the family? What is to become of us Brits while Mrs M is contentedly settled in Donald’s lap?

Meanwhile, there have been protests in Australia against the celebrating of Australia Day on 26th January because of the date’s association with the subjugation and abuse of indigenous peoples. Any decent thinking person should at least respect such a view because the principle involved is the same as that which has made the N word rightly so loathsome. Australia’s Deputy PM has responded, however, by saying that the protesters should ‘crawl under a rock and hide.’ You crawl first, Mr Joyce, and we’ll be right behind you…

I wonder how the building of the B Ark is coming on. If we get all the world’s political leaders together (with the odd rare exception) we should be able to fill it in a day, and then homo sapiens can have another shot at growing up. After all, if you have diseased wood at the top of a shrub you prune it out to save the plant.

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