Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Keeping Us in the Slime

I watched a documentary tonight on the rise and development of racial prejudice and hostility in the southern US. It was depressing as hell.

The leader of one of the many white supremacist groups said that the United States is not a nation, but a multi-cultural muddle which has no national identity. He also said that he believes in re-establishing official segregation because that’s the normal way for human society to operate. The imperative of separateness is in our blood, apparently, and shows no sign of changing

In a way he’s right, but what he seems to have failed to notice is that it’s people like him who are blocking human evolution, preventing it from growing out of a state of fear, suspicion and conflict and progressing to one of wholesome tolerance and integration. That’s why separateness remains in our blood. It isn’t set in stone; we can grow up if we want to.

It’s a classic case of self-fulfilling prophecy – coming from a state of prejudice and trying to justify it with a show of fallacious logic. And those equally prejudiced listen to him and feel vindicated and empowered and so the misery goes on.

It was also interesting to note that although Trump was never mentioned, many of the attitudes which gave rise to the Ku Klux Klan bore chilling similarities to the attitude and pronouncements of the man now holding court in the White House. America, what have you done?

And I wish I could find something funny to say for a change. One day, maybe.

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