Monday, 30 January 2017

Grey Humour and Rejecting Pollution.

You know how much contempt I feel for the plethora of themed TV shows which swamp the airways and provide solace to the woolly-headed ones? Well, my current pet hate is the Isn’t Life Funny genre in which they show private webcams of kids falling over and crying while the canned laughter machine swells fit to burst. The latest trend is to film animals – you know, things like cats falling off walls – and putting them out under the title of Cats Do the Funniest Things.

The problem with these shows is that they’re fraudulent, being mostly about as funny as spending a wet February weekend in a cheap Morecombe guest house with your flatulent mother-in-law while the elements conspire to deny you any hope of escape.

And YouTube is full of them. They usually have an intro which includes the instruction: ‘try not to laugh.’ Do we need to?

*  *  *

I signed two anti-Trump petitions today (one being: We don’t want Trump coming over here. We’re happy to welcome Syrian refugees, but Trump is a dozen steps too far. It’s already got enough signatories to ensure a debate in Parliament.)

When I was a cub scout I was told that we should try to do at least one good deed every day. Mine is in the bag for today.


Della said...

I've also signed my share of anti-Trump petitions in the last week though not against him visiting Britain because I think, understandably, you have to be a resident there to do so. I hope it makes a difference. I think it's shameful the way May rushed over there to meet him and honestly, a little embarrassing. Can she not see that? I don't know what the attitude is over there, though. My daughter is in Edinburgh where several more marches are planned, we're all putting our names on resistance lists and I'm even sitting here in my pink hat but it's the world leaders who need to speak up and show some moral backbone. I hope all is going well with you :)

JJ Beazley said...

I gather the petition to stop Trump’s official visit has now reached well over 1m signatures, but Mrs May’s reaction is ‘The visit will go ahead and I’m looking forward to it.’ This is a strangely undiplomatic reaction by somebody in her position.

I think she could be getting into political hot water here. She’s already come under strong criticism across the political spectrum for failing to condemn the cessation of Syrian immigration and had to alter her position. She’s been accused of being weak and faltering in the face of pressure by senior figures. To be seen to be flying in the face of apparently strong public opinion could raise further questions, and it will be interesting to see what happens when the petition is debated.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering what the hell is going on with Trump and May. What on earth was that holding hands stuff all about? I don’t suppose Angela is in the transfer market, is she? We’ll pay well to have her on our team (at least I would.)

Della said...

Well, I hope May does end up in hot water. An article flew by today that quoted Boris Johnson as saying people shouldn't 'demonise' Trump. What??? I can't even believe what I hear anymore.

Yes, Merkel still retains her integrity but I'm worried about the 'tide of populism' growing here. On the good side there's an SPD candidate Schulz who people are inspired about. I would really hate to see Merkel go--she's so stable!--but better she's replaced by an SPD candidate (a more liberal party than her CDU) than it goes in the other direction. I'm sure you've heard of the nationalist AfD (Alternative fuer Deutschland) party, which is just horrific. Deep breath.

The hand-holding is truly bizarre. Of course, Trump's narcissism approaches mental illness and I think May might have thought she could somehow use it to her advantage. You know, by playing into his alpha-male stupidity. She didn't look entirely comfortable with it in the video though, haha. Another plan backfiring--maybe she needs a holiday.

JJ Beazley said...

I must admit, the rise of the far right does worry me. It's an example of how easily the veneer of decency and compassion can be stripped away by some well chosen rhetoric and judicious propaganda.

Isn't it ironic that the German people have spent the last seventy years living under the cloud of recent history, and yet here we see it happening all over again (and not just in Germany, of course.) Where are the lessons of history? Why can't people see where this sort of thing can lead? I heard somebody point out recently that there were no concentration camps at the beginning of the Nazi era. They came later. Why are people so easily seduced by the politics of hatred and division - the subjugation of the many by the powerful few, and the cruel suppression of anybody who fails to toe the party line to the letter? There are times when I feel truly ashamed of the human race and its habit of allowing darkness to triumph in the deluded belief that it will make for a better world (or a greater America.)

Della said...

I couldn't have said it any better.