Tuesday, 16 December 2014

To the Faithful Few.

It is just possible that the Priestess (remember her?) was referring to me when she wrote in a blog post today ‘you’re a fraud,’ although it’s more likely that she was referring to a type of which I might be cited as an example. In either case I commend her insight (it’s one of the qualities which made her so important to me for so long.) For it might reasonably be argued that those of us who go through life never really connecting, but instead observing and playing roles – and in so doing draw other players into our dramas and then mostly discard them when the roles become tedious – are frauds of a sort. In my case, however, she might have got one thing wrong. And then there’s the question of mirrors to be considered.

But this is a minor aside. The real point is that I regret having gone so long again without making a post of my own. The fact is that I really have only one post to make at the moment, and I’m constrained from making it by the knowledge that this is a public blog and I have no control over who reads it. Such a consideration matters sometimes. I hope to be back to normal eventually, if normal I could ever be and if ‘normal’ could ever be unequivocally defined.

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