Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Speculation.

I wonder what would happen if some archaeologist discovered an ancient manuscript which proved that the whole Christmas story is baloney (which it probably is.) Let’s say it was written by a learned and literate man who was personally acquainted with the Jesus family, who knew that Jesus was just an ordinary baby born in Nazareth (which he probably was,) who followed Jesus’s ministry with interest just because he was interested, and who wrote it all down just because he could. We now have the one true Gospel written by the only contemporary witness, and it tells a very different story from those which form the Canon.

I wonder what damage that would do to Christmas, the economy and Christianity itself. Maybe somebody should write a novel based on such a proposition. Maybe somebody has.

*  *  *

This is in lieu of the discarded post which considered the question of whether all tribulations are actually trials, and if so, who is sitting on the panel and why. It was far too deep for my current mood.

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