Monday, 30 June 2014

Journal Entry and a Bird Issue.

Neglecting my blog is leaving a nagging gap in my life. I’ve had plenty of other things to keep me occupied over the past few weeks, like decorating, gardening, finalising Mr Nigel’s year end accounts, general correspondence, routine housework, and trying to Be There for a couple of people who have suffered bereavements… but the missing blog is still a gap.

The problem has been that I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to make blog posts (it does take a certain frame of mind) mainly because there’s something else missing and it’s bothering me. I won’t explain what it is because, although supremely important to me, it’s complicated. So…

I feel that I ought to put my other difficulty to one side pro tem and make the effort to re-commence communication with the ether. Here goes, then; I’ll try a simple one to start off with.

*  *  *

I saw a car sticker in somebody’s rear window recently. It was published by some company that makes feed for game birds, and it said:

Slow Down for Game Birds

Well now, it seemed to me that there is a second line conspicuous by its absence, which should read:

So There Are More of Them Left for Our Customers to Kill

And then, of course, there’s the obvious corollary to be recognised:

Don’t Bother Slowing Down for Wild Birds. They’re Not Important.

I’m inclined to say do not buy things from this company, but I don’t remember what it was called, so I can’t.

*  *  *

There now, will that do for the first day back at school? I would also like it to be known that Mistress Madeline of upstate New York is largely responsible for this change of heart. Thank you, Maddie; you’re a brick.

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