Monday, 2 June 2014

Hearing the Unbearable Silence.

I was going to make another post tonight about the magic of the English country lane on a damp summer’s evening. It was all in my head and ready to be committed to the blog, but it slipped away when I received news that yet another dog connection had gone – Galileo this time, companion to Melanie of Anthropomorphica.

So then I thought of making a different post about the special bond that grows between dog and human. That was all in my head, too, but what would be the point? Those of us who get it get it, and nothing I could say would persuade those who don’t.


Madeline said...

Sorry to hear about Galileo. I didn't know him but if he was a dog connection of yours he must have been a Good Dog. Good name too.

JJ Beazley said...

So good to hear from you, Maddie. Truly.

Gali and his human companion had a very fine bond, and she is suffering greatly from his loss. He was a fine and very 'knowing' dog. I try to find the right words to help a bit.

Shortly before you visited, I watched again the YouTube clip of Mr Dog playing with the ball in the snow.

Meanwhile, I miss your posts, your dry sense of humour, and the little bits of banter which occasionally crossed the wasteland of cyberpace. Nice to know you're still around.