Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Among Heroes, Dragons and Stone Lions.

(Oh, and goldfish.)

This blog has had a veritable rash of visitors from China today, and I have a theory as to why. I suspect that having read my eloquent waxing on the subject of Chinese dancing girls recently, the visitors are all members of a fledgling women’s movement operating under the working motto: JJ for Chairman.

This is most edifying ladies, but might you consider going one stage further and making it JJ for Emperor? As far as I’m aware, I’ve never founded a dynasty during any of my lifetimes and maybe it’s about time I did.

I see one possible impediment, however. I mentioned recently that my hair is thinning on top. It’s worse than that; it’s thinning unevenly, and this means that I shall soon resemble a moth-eaten rug. Could you tolerate the prospect of having a moth-eaten rug holding court in the Forbidden City if I promise in return to give Lin Chung a free pardon?

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